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1. Eligibility

A. To be chosen as a Link, the person must be an LMC in good standing who has been professed for at least a full year (and preferably for three full years) and has given example to the group of punctual and regular attendance at meetings and has demonstrated the habit of charity whether in "apostolic works" or in personal dealings with others.

B. The Link may be chosen directly by the local Superior Director or nominated by members of the local group. In the latter case, the nomination must be approved by the Spiritual Director and the appointment madeThe official appointment must be in writing and a copy of the appointment sent to the National Link and the National Spiritual Director.

C. If required, the above information should be forwarded to Rome to the office of the International Spiritual Director.

2. Duties of the Link

A. The Link, whether he or she be at the local, regional or national level, must live the life of a professed LMC in an exemplary manner, according to one's state of life.

B. The link must keep in contact with the local Spiritual director, the LMCs of the group and, where necessary, with other groups.

C. The Link must keep accurate records of membership and status: i.e., the names, date when formation began, the date of first profession of vows, the date of renewal of vows and, if an LMC leaves the Movement, the date of leaving. THIS INFORMATION MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO THE NATIONAL SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR.

D. The Link should observe that members are living the LMC life and, always with charity, privately encourage them if they seem to be remiss, remembering Christ's admonition to remove the plank from one's own eye before trying to remove the splinter from another's.

E. The Link should demonstrate leadership and service to the group with regard to the apostolate, regularity of instructions and seeing to an annual retreat for the group. (These three categories must be combined with other groups on a regional basis where local groups are very small). Remember: the Link is a SERVANT, NOT A SUPERIOR.

3. Terms of Service

A. The link is appointed for a term of three years, usually beginning on July 1st and terminating on July 30th three years later.

B. The Link may be reappointed for a second term, but not for a third consecutive term. However, after an interval of three years, a good Link may be reappointed.

C. If a Link position becomes vacant for any reason during his or her term, a substitute is appointed to fill out the term and may be reappointed for one's own term when the substitution has been fulfilled. After that, the rules of A. and B. (above) apply.

D. If it becomes obvious that the Link, for any reason, is not fulfilling the requirements of the office (see No. 2, above), he or she may be removed by the Spiritual Director and a substitute appointed.