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„Svätosť nie je luxus pre niekoľkých ľudí, ale obyčajná povinnosť pre vás a pre mňa.“  ~Matka Tereza 


Prayer of Petition to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa, you who have seen Christ Himself in the
Poorest of the Poor and had compassion on them, please help us.

Glance upon (person(s) needing intercession) with your
compassionate eyes and see Christ within (him/her/us, etc.).

As you loved and served Jesus through your work upon earth,
we humbly ask that you continue your work in heaven and intercede
for us in our needs. After looking upon (person(s) needing intercession),
please turn your compassionate eyes to Jesus, as you had adored
him in the Holy Eucharist, and present our request that (state petition).

While we are not as materially destitute as those you served on earth,
we reach out to you in the poorness of our souls and seek Jesus
through you. Kindly Mother Teresa, help us.